My review of DEIK’s set of copper frying pans

I have a set of pans and pots that I bought a few years ago, but that are slowly (or actually rather quickly) becoming unusable, and when you cook almost every day like me, it’s imperative to invest in a very good set of pans that will make the cooking not just easier, but also healthier.

I had heard about copper pans and pots for quite some time now and I decided to find more information about them. And I found out that they apparently allow for a non-sticky cooking, something that I truly hate when it happens. I just don’t enjoy the feeling of serving food that’s glued to the pan, unless it’s the way the food needs to be to be consumed.

The set of 3 copper frying pans, in different sizes, I bought from DEIK's.
The set of 3 copper frying pans, in different sizes, I bought from DEIK’s.

Another thing I found out about the copper pans is that apparently you don’t need to use that much oil, if any at all, to cook, which makes the cooking a lot healthier for sure, even if you only use olive oil and no other oil. So, with all that information gathered, I went online to find the best deals for a set of copper pans.

It didn’t take me that long to find a decent set of copper pans. It turns out that this particular set had its price reduced, so I didn’t waste much time in purchasing it. Within a few days I had the set delivered at home.

Set of 3 copper pans from the bottom
The bottom of the copper pans

Since that day I have used the set of copper pans a couple of times, and I have to say I’m very pleased with it. The first time I made an omelette and I used only two teaspoons of olive oil and, although the omelette got a bit stuck in the beginning (I think this is normal, specially if you don’t coat the frying pan with oil), the end result was very good indeed. The second time, my girlfriend cooked some zucchini noodles with a creamy sauce of basil and mint leaves, some parsley and avocado. Nothing got stuck to the frying pan – excellent result!

So far so good, I definitely recommend anyone to purchase a set of copper pans; you should be able to use less oil cooking your foods, which is only good for your health and because it cooks the foods evenly, you should have your food ready in less time, which for me is a great bonus! I’m happy with DEIK’s copper pans (the plastic spoons and spatula came with the set) and if I need to I’ll purchase some more from them in the future.


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