No more milk or dairy!

Like many people, I grew up on having milk pretty much every day. I’d have it first thing in the morning, for breakfast, either on its own, warm, or on cereals (warm and cold. Yes, yes, I used to warm up my milk and then pour it on cereals…). Back then I didn’t know better and definitely there wasn’t any “movement” against milk or any real debate whether milk (animal milk) was actually good for you or not.

Times have obviously changed, and it was only at some point last year that I started to find some more information on animal milk and its consumption by humans, this after I’ve started to see an increase in people taking into veganism and other types of milk or replacements for milk.

Milk being processed in a factory
Milk being processed in a factory

I’m not going into specifics on this post, but basically the stuff that is put in milk doesn’t make you healthy at all. All sorts of chemicals and antibiotics go into it, apparently to provide us consumers with essential vitamins and other things to keep our bones strong and our general health in top shape. But that’s not the case, since more and more people have become ill and allergic to milk and all other dairy products.

Ask yourself this question: what other animal still drinks milk in adulthood? Take your time with this… Found one? No? That’s because there isn’t. No other animal drinks milk from its mother once it reaches adulthood. Why not? Well, because that’s how Nature works, it’s a natural “law” really. Humans get their milk as babies from their mothers, as the milk has all the nutrients and vitamins the babies need to help them grow. This milk is the healthiest there is.

A mother breastfeeding her baby
The healthiest milk there is – mother’s milk

So, why is it that, after we no longer need the milk from our mother, do we continue to consume milk, but this time animal milk? Because many decades ago, governments decided to tell people that they needed to drink milk, because of its calcium properties, and people went for it, because they trusted the government and it’s been like this ever since.

But things have changed. People have access to a lot more information now, and very quickly, and they’re making their own decisions when it comes to their health. So, are there any other healthier options to animal milk? Sure there are. You have coconut milk, almond milk, soya milk and many others. These are the most popular out there at the moment, but you can find other types too.

Healthier alternatives do dairy milk: hazelnut, oat, coconut and almond milks.
Healthier alternatives do dairy milk: hazelnut, oat, coconut and almond milks.

I no longer drink animal milk. Most of the time I choose 100% coconut milk and if that’s not available then almond and then soya milk. I don’t feel the need to have animal milk, I don’t miss it, and the same I can say about yogurt, butter and cheese. Do your own research, get yourself well informed and then make your decision. I made mine.


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