London through my eyes – Part 2 (Brick Lane)

One of the most unique areas in London is without a doubt the Eastend. The East of London has always been considered one of the poorest in the city, if not the poorest, and was “home” to names like Jack the Ripper. It was there, in Whitechapel, that he brutally killed women.

People walking by a restaurant and cafe in Brick Lane, London.
Plenty of cafes, bars, shops and restaurants in Brick Lane, London.

The Eastend is no longer like that; times have changed a lot. Now, we see this area of London becoming trendy and even influential and an example for the rest of the city. Clothing (vintage) shops, record stores (like they used to be not so many years ago), stylish cafes and restaurants, art galleries, entrepreneurial companies and businesses, all these and many more have made Eastend their home.

A backstreet in Brick Lane
A backstreet in Brick Lane

My favourite part is definitely Brick Lane. There’s no other part of London like it. It’s super cool, relaxed, vibrant, friendly, exciting, refreshing, where there’s always something new to discover every week. It has a very local vibe to it, where you’re pretty much treated like one.

Vintage clothe shop in Brick Lane, London
Shopping in Brick Lane is a must. There’s many vintage shops to please most people.

In almost every corner you’ll find something unique, something delightful and even something unusual. Brick Lane has something for almost everyone. The cosy cafes, the quirky bars, the fresh, aromatic and delicious foods everywhere – for example, you’ll find plenty of Indian restaurants here, as many Indians live in the area, but there’s other choices too – , the more somewhat adventurous clothes shops – you’ll find this and a lot more here!

Rainbow croissants and doughnuts
You can have rainbow doughnuts, rainbow croissants and rainbow bagels in Brick Lane. And the salted beef bagels? Divine.

If you’re planning to come to London, Brick Lane should definitely be on your to-do list. You must not, I repeat, MUST NOT leave London without visiting Brick Lane, even if you go for just a cup of coffee or tea. I can almost guarantee that you’ll love it and have good memories of it. Whether you go during the day just to walk around and maybe do some shopping, or at night and enjoy the lively and colourful bars and restaurants, I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

#theeleven11 🙂

∗ All photos taken with Xiaomi Mi Max phone

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