Are you thankful?

Humans like to take everything for granted. Why? Because we do. We really do. We know there will be a morning after having slept through the night. We know that the sun will always “rise”, even if it’s heavily cloudy and we can’t see it. We know the moon is up there in the sky and will always be, because it’s always been there. We know our home will be there when we come from work or wherever because… well… because it always is, it doesn’t go anywhere.

But when was the last time you were thankful for any of these things? When was the last time you were thankful for the job that you have, the clothes that you have, the car that drives you anywhere you want to (if you have it), the food that you are able to afford and consume, the money that enables you to get all of the above and more…?

What are YOU thankful for? Be thankful everyday, for anything, for everything.
What are YOU thankful for? Be thankful everyday, for anything, for everything.

Most people probably don’t take the time to do this. Most probably never done it at all. Maybe they think it’s useless, it’s a child’s game, a childish thing to do. But, is it? A few years ago I went through a tough time, as I had been looking for a job for almost a whole 12 months, and was getting increasingly desperate, but when I did find a job, it changed my life. Suddenly I could do the things I wanted to do (well, some of them), including getting my life on track.

Family and some friends were crucial to help me getting that job and I made sure I thanked them for it. I was truly thankful, I really was. But it didn’t end there. How could I end there? From that moment onward, I made sure I’d say to myself, everyday, that I was thankful. For anything. For everything. It became my little game, so to speak. Everyday I make sure I’m thankful for something, like having woken up from a good night’s sleep, for still having a job, for living where I’m living now, for having the most amazing girlfriend and partner in crime, for having the most loving family and friends…

There is always, always something to be thankful for.
There really is! Why don’t you try it right now?

I can be thankful for anything I want. And why not? Even the air that I breathe (even if it’s not the healthiest) I’m thankful for! For if I’m not breathing it… I no longer will be here. It’s not a complicated thing to understand, it really isn’t. It’s actually very simple. You’re alive, you’re doing things, you’re meeting people, you’re achieving things – be thankful!

#theeleven11 🙂

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