Where EXACTLY do we live?

I think it was somewhere around 2016 or 2017 – I can’t be sure exactly to be honest – that in my many searches on You Tube about conspiracies and mysterious things, I stumbled upon some video about us not living on a globe. Huh…

I thought ‘Well, this looks interesting. Let’s see what it’s all about’. And from that moment, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I mean, sure, I knew that governments constantly lie to us about many, many things (if not everything), but this… THIS took it to a different level.

In this video the person was talking about “clues”, visual clues, that we humans, might not be living on a globe, sphere, whatever you want to call it, but rather on a much flatter surface. He said we lived on a flat Earth. Yep, flat. The funny thing is, it didn’t sound ridiculous to me at all. I mean, I don’t believe we ever went to the moon, I don’t believe in many of things governments and politicians say about us and other things (many times they’ve been found out to be lying), so why wouldn’t this be true?

One of the many suggested models out there for the flat Earth.
One of the many suggested models out there for the flat Earth.

I think the guy that posted that video is a man called Eric Dubay, but there’s many, many other people out there posting similar content, talking and presenting in-depth information and “clues” as to why we actually live on a flat Earth. Another man that comes up every time you search for this theme is Mark Sargent. He created some very compelling videos on You Tube, called Flat Earth Clues, and in them he goes deep and explains why the world is flat and not round like a ball.

I consider myself a man with a very open mind and to just talk about the flat Earth theme you need to have an open mind. To me, it’s all about logic, logic that you can see, test and understand. Do you believe we live in a globe? No problem. Do you believe that we live on a flat Earth? Cool, happy for you. But whatever you believe in, make sure that it’s something that comes from YOU, not from someone else’s words, thoughts and opinions.

Before you shut anyone down, just because they have a different opinion to yours, make sure you do your research and try to see from their point of view, their perspective. We don’t know everything, we’re not the authority on anything. But, like in a famous tv show constantly said, the truth is out there! It’s up to us to be open to it or not.

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