An amazing birthday treat

Spending your weekend at a top hotel in London as a birthday present? I would never say no to that. And I didn’t. It was a great present, given to me by some of the best people in my life.

Me and my partner stayed one night over at the Soho Hotel, in London. I have been there a few times before, mainly to watch a movie at their cinema (they have two cinema rooms) and my partner has been there before too.

Everyone was very friendly and courteous and took very good care of us. From the receptionist that checked us in, to the Head of Concierge that welcomed us and told us he’d be available for anything we needed. We were given two complementary drinks (champagne) to have at the bar whenever we wanted.

Room 208 at the Soho Hotel, London.
Room 208 at the Soho Hotel, London.

We went up to our room and when we got in we were happily surprised. I mean, VERY happily surprised. The room was very big, with a huge bed (at least for us), large living room space, walk-in wardrobes and a nice bathroom, with a deep bathtub, that also had a tv; two sinks and a separate shower (which by the way, has water with super amazing pressure, so nice to feel it on you).

In the room we found on the coffee table a tray with a bottle of champagne on ice and a plate filled with winter berries and powdered chocolate and decorated with ‘Happy Birthday’, in chocolate. I was not expecting that, it was a nice gesture from the hotel to do that and something me and my partner enjoyed very much.

The birthday champagne, winter berries and chocolates waiting for me.
The birthday champagne, winter berries and chocolates waiting for me.

We had our complementary champagne drinks at the bar, before going for dinner. The food was just very delicious. The breads brought in to our table were warm and tasty, our starters, mains and dessert too. We were so full that we went out for a walk to burn some of the great foods consumed.

The bed we slept in was super comfortable, huge, and we had an amazing, restful sleep. In the morning we came down for breakfast. We had cooked breakfast and there was also a buffet table, with pastries, yogurts, cereals, fruits, compotes… Needless to say, the service was very attentive, always with a smile, non-intrusive, and the food was delicious and fresh.

Super comfortable at the Soho Hotel, London
A truly comfortable bed!

We checked out shortly after breakfast and the Head Concierge was there to greet us and asked us if everything went well with our stay. Everything went more than well, the service was 5+ stars, the food and drinks were great; we had an amazing time at the Soho  Hotel.

∗ Photos taken with Xiaomi Mi Max


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