A warm stay in York

In my previous post I wrote about my stay during Christmas in York, England, with my partner. On this one, I want to talk about where we stayed, the Chelmsford Place Guest House.

Chelmsford Place Guest House, in York, England
Chelmsford Place Guest House, in York, England

Four days and three nights were spent in this small bed & breakfast. We arrived by taxi, which took a mere 5 minutes from the railway station. Had we walked from the station instead, I think it’d have taken us around 15 minutes. The b&b is in a fairly quiet location, even if it’s on a main road, and it’s very convenient to reach the city centre from there.

Arriving at the b&b, we were greeted by the owners, a very nice local couple, who gave us the necessary information before we went up to our room. They even offered us a small plate with mincemeat pies, which we kindly accepted – well… I did! Even if I’m not a big fan of mincemeat pies. And no, these are not pies made out of proper minced meat, but of raisins, currants and other things.

Breakfast room at Chelmsford Place Guest House, York
Breakfast room at Chelmsford Place Guest House, York

The room was on the top floor and opening the door was always a bit tricky, as it had some sort of strong spring to it, requiring a bit more strength to operate it but not much of a big deal. The room was cosy, a normal queen-sized bed and wardrobe, a chest drawer and bedside tables, tea making facilities and a small flat screen tv.

What we were really, REALLY happy with was the bathroom. Although it actually didn’t have a bathtub, it was very big, including a big shower, big enough to have 2 people at the same time and still have space left! The shower water pressure was unbelievable, really nice on the body, very relaxing.

Breakfast was simple but very tasty. My partner had the healthy option, while I had to go for the cooked full English. Obviously, duh! The owners will accommodate to people’s food needs as much as possible, so if you have any specific dietary requirements, it’s best if you contact them as early as possible, so that they’re ready for your needs while you’re there.

Full English breakfast at Chelmsford Place Guest House, York.
Full English breakfast at Chelmsford Place Guest House, York.

A “funny” thing happened one night – the fire alarm went off, while me and my partner where alone in the hotel. Yeah, alone. Something set the alarm off, it became very loud (obviously, that’s the whole point of an alarm), we couldn’t see any fire nor smoke and no one was in the building but us. Ended up calling the fire brigade, who came within 5 minutes or so and the owners came soon after – apparently they were in the pub next door having a couple of drinks when they saw the fire truck and had a “feeling” it was for their b&b.

Shortly after, the owners managed to silence the alarm, still not knowing what caused it to go off and the firemen went away. An eventful end of the day, but all was well in the end. I do recommend people to stay at the Chelmsford Place Guest House: it’s friendly, quiet, cosy and very close to the city centre, perfect for exploring its many treasures.


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