Christmas in York, England

For many years I have been wanting to visit the city of York, in the north of England. I had seen photos and read several articles about the history of York and immediately knew that one day I’d visit this very old city. It was the pictures of old buildings and of the streets that made me think that this city was a friendly one, that it had a nice “vibe”.

Welcome to York sign
Welcome to York!

Well, the time to go to York finally arrived. Me and my partner stayed there from 24th to 27th December 2017, so for Christmas. I knew that York had a special vibe during the Christmas season, from what I had read and what some friends had told me, and I have to say that it’s true!

The people were very nice to us, very polite; the food is just incredibly amazing and extremely affordable and in many parts of the city it felt like you were “back in time”, with some narrow and cobbled streets, like the ones you find in the Shambles Market – for the ones that know London very well, I’d compare the Shambles to a extremely compact mix of Soho and Covent Garden.

Shop in York with Christmas lights and decoration
Shop in York with Christmas lights and decoration

I know me and my partner will go back to York again at some point, perhaps when it’s a bit warmer, like Spring or Summer, because we just fell in love with it and its people, and we definitely recommend anyone to go and visit York at least for a couple of days – if you enjoy walking, being in a small city, shopping locally and eating and drinking amazing food and drinks, then you should definitely have York on your To-Do list of places to visit – you won’t regret it!

Walking around The Shambles in York, England
Walking around The Shambles in York, England

While we were in York we stayed at this really nice bed & breakfast and went to many different places to eat and drink, so I’ll eventually write some other posts (most likely more than one, as there’s quite a bit I want to say), so you should definitely wait for them to be posted!


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