Are we alone?

This is probably one of the most asked questions ever, if not THE one most asked. And I’m not talking about or going to talk about loneliness, people feeling lonely in life; this is something completely different that I’ll leave for another post. I’m talking about life or beings in other places. Personally, I have no doubts that we’re not alone.

Be more open to the endless possibilities in this and other Universes
Be more open to the endless possibilities in this and other Universes

If we talk about in terms of beings in other locations across this Universe, I think it’s a very silly idea to think that we, humans, are IT. That there’s only life on this Earth, that we are the pinnacle of creation/civilisation/technology, that there’s absolutely no one else out there. Come on, if this Universe is filled with stars, “planets”, comets, meteors, etc, etc, then why would we be the only place in the WHOLE and ENTIRETY of this Universe with life? Think about it!

If science says that our galaxy alone (no pun intended here, it just came out!) is one of the youngest ones in the whole Universe, then that means there’s older galaxies. And if there’s older galaxies, most likely they’re going to contain their own “planets” and stars. Now, imagine that there’s at least one “planet” not too close nor too far from its main star, and that has the perfect conditions to support life. It makes sense that, if these worlds are way, way older than ours, their civilisations could grow to be so advanced in technology that they could travel around the Universe and go to different worlds. That, to me, is logic and makes perfect sense.

Spirits, "ghosts", entities, energies...
Spirits, “ghosts”, entities, energies…

If we talk about the more spiritual side of the question, like “ghosts”, spirits, hauntings, entities, energies, or whatever name you want to put on for this, I’m going to say no, we’re not alone.

I’ve experienced quite a few things that I couldn’t explain to be “normal”. I’ve had strange dreams and situations where things happened that baffled me and left me intrigued. I don’t think there’s a need to fear what we don’t know about or that what we don’t understand. I think if we’re open, or if we open ourselves up a bit more, we’ll be in positions where we’ll experience many more interesting things that can enrich our lives and make them more enjoyable.

Do I believe in spirits/”ghosts”? Yes. Have I seen any? Well… I… I don’t know, really. I’ve been told that many times a spirit/”ghost” can actually be seen as a normal person, a flesh and bone living person, so who am I to say that the people that I’ve just seen on the street are not spirits/”ghosts”?

Be open-minded about this! šŸ˜‰



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