Let’s eat!

2017 has been witness to an explosion of food content like it has, in my opinion, never been seen before. I mean, there’s a lot of people talking a lot about food, sharing content, photos and videos of all sorts of foods and it’s amazing to see that. Many people have a large number of followers, for several reasons, and it’s great to see everyone getting involved in food and talking about food in general.

And within food, veganism (a way of living and not exactly a trend, like many people might say) has “re-surfaced” very strongly and has also got a strong following. I heard many people say and read what many people wrote, that veganism was a fad, just a stupid trend, like kale was, like Atkins diet was, and that it was going to fad away very quickly.

I have NOTHING against veganism! Nor against people that eat meats, fish, eggs and other animal products all the time. Nor against people that eat only very specific things, like people that follow Jainism for example.

What I’m against and don’t really like at all is people that think that what they do and how they live is the way that everyone should live. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, or trying to be because you think it’s best for your health and at the same time you also want to protect all living creatures (i.e animals), I understand completely where you come from and I salute you for doing that.

Animal products and foods and vegetarian/vegan foods
Animal products and foods and vegetarian/vegan foods

But the other non-vegan/non-vegetarian people are not bad people for wanting to consume animal products. No one is better than anyone else. We’re all different in so many ways, we’re all so diverse and it’s just another one thing that makes this world beautiful.

So, if you’re pro-veganism and truly believe in it, live it freely. But don’t be condescending and impose your views on others or worse, judge others because of what they eat. On the other side of the coin, people that consume animal products, please don’t insult vegans and vegetarians and even bully them; we all have different tastes, different ways of looking at things. Consuming meats and dairy doesn’t make you “normal” or a real person, just as consuming vegetables, fruits and nuts doesn’t make you more “enlightened” or superior.

There’s bad things in foods (the bad fats and oils, the pesticides and chemicals, etc.) and there’s very good things in it too. Eating should be an act of pure pleasure and nourishment and not a reason to attack people because they’re different to you.

Let’s eat, people! 🙂


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